We Are iDAB

Human Resource Technology.

Our Vision

We envision to simplify HR!

Welcome to our HR Tech startup, where we’re revolutionizing the HR landscape through cutting-edge technology and AI. Say goodbye to traditional resumes and paperwork as we streamline your HR processes with automation, paperless solutions, and seamless single sign-on. Experience the future of HR with us – simplified, digital, and as intuitive as your favorite social media platform.

Here are few major problems that we trying to resolve :

1. Talent Acquisition and Retention

2. Workforce Diversity and Inclusion

3. Employee Engagement and Productivity

4. Technological Integration and HR Analytics

5. Adapting to Remote Work and Hybrid Work Model

6. Technological disruption and automation impact on jobs

7. Learning and development gaps

8. Struggles with performance management and evaluation

Meet Our Team

M Paghadal

Founder/ Director

S Das

Jr. Laravel Developer

J Kidecha

Sales & Marketing

N Jagani


V Agrahri

Intern Laravel Developer

R Paladiya

Intern - App Development

A Paghadal

Technical Advisor

N Godhani


S Borada

Intern - App Development